National Liberation Movements in Africa – Agitation in words and images

Exhibition at the NAI-library; open to all March 5 – April 20, 2012

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Nordic Africa Institute the Library presents an exhibition on the theme National Liberation Movements in Africa as they are represented in our collections.

The exhibition mainly displays material published by the liberation movements in Angola, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Moçambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and the anti-apartheid movements in South Africa. This material is an important source to the history of the liberation movements, documenting their programmes, policies, activities, propaganda, as well as important moments in the struggle for independence. Since the publishing of such material was illegal in the respective countries, it was often printed in neighbouring countries such as Zambia and Tanzania.

From the library's collection of journals published by the liberation movements selected issues are exposed in form of copies for the visitors to browse.  

The items on display belong mainly to the Library's collection of “grey literature”, which consists of some 500 boxes with uncatalogued material such as pamphlets, leaflets, telegrams, letters, stencils, occasional issues of periodicals, etcetera.   The collection is unique – great parts of the material is not to be found elsewhere in the Nordic countries or   even in Europe. An evidence of this is that when South Africa started to digitalize the documentation from the anti-apartheid movements, the Library of the Nordic Africa Institute was able to provide material to that project.

One purpose of the exhibition is to make this valuable resource more visible to our users.  

Read more about the liberation in Southern Africa at the following site (opens in new window): The Nordic Documentation on the Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa Project.

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