Network to promote child research

The recently established Nordic Network of African Childhood and Youth Research (NoNACYR) is a coalition of Nordic researchers and students who carry out research and teaching related to the social, cultural, economic, political, epidemiological, and demographic realities of children and young people in Africa.

– Childhood and youth research is an emerging field, and Nordic countries have played a leading role in developing conceptual tools and innovative methods to understand the lives of children in Africa. Nordic countries are also at the forefront of policy oriented, evidence-based research on African children and youth. Our aim is to foster academic and policy debates between Nordic researchers and policy institutions on the one hand and, on the other, research units based in African countries, says project manager Dr Tatek Abebe of the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

NordForsk has contributed close to 1 million NOK for the implementation of the network’s’ activities over a period of three years (2011-2014). The network currently has 35 members among which half are PhD students. National coordinators include NAI researcher Mats Utas (Sweden), Henrik Vigh (Denmark), Anne Kielland (Norway), Jónína Einarsdóttir (Iceland), and Elina Oinas (Finland).

One objective of the network is to facilitate timely exchange of research findings and information on African children and youths. Another is to initiate and foster policy debate between Nordic academics and practitioners on topics that affect the well-being of children and young people in Africa.

The network’s activities includes promoting interdisciplinary dialogues on empirical research findings through presentation at seminars and conferences, collaborative research and publications, and academic and policy-oriented debates regarding research on children and young people in Africa.

The Network is based at the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, NTNU.


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