Sohlman scholarship to Nigerian journalist

30 year-old Nigerian journalist Iliyasu Kasimu has been awarded this year’s Ragnar Sohlman scholarshop. Filmmaker, radio producer, youth leader and peace activist Kasimu comes from the violence-struck city of Jos in central Nigeria. Last year violence broke out in Jos and hundreds of people were killed in clashes between Christians and Muslims.

Iliyasu Kasimu is very involved in conflict resolution on a local level. Among other projects he wants to open a film center for youth in Jos with the purpose of supporting democracy and unity.

NAI director Carin Norberg attended the award ceremony at the Norwegian embassy in Stockholm 19 August. NAI is planning to invite Iliyasu Kasimu to Uppsala and hope for an exchange with the journalist on issues related to conflict management and urban challenges.

The Ragnar Sohlman scholarship is jointly awarded by the Swedish-Norwegian cooperation fund and the Culture and Conference Hotel Voxenåsen, as a work scholarship to outstanding Africans. It gives the stipend holder the opportunity to find inspiration and work in Norway for two months. Previously the scholarship has been awarded to journalist Ama Amnkwah, Ghana, and teacher Mwaura Kaara, Kenya.

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