Debate WDR 2011 on NAI Forum

NAI Forum opens up for a debate on the “World Development Report 2011: Conflict, Security and Development”, with five articles on the topic. Coastal Roy sets the stage with a summary of the report. Phil Vernon concurs with the report and calls for international aid organisations to do much better in conflict-affected countries and a complete rethink in their approach. Dr. Olli Ruohomäki, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland, reflects on the operational implications of the report for the donor community. The topic of the report is important and timely, but the statistical analysis of conflicts concern Astri Suhrke and Ingrid Samset. Angela Ndinga-Muvumba finds that the report provides a useful reflection about the cyclical nature of conflict and violence. However, the report does have weaknesses and gaps, she writes. Her article concludes with a set of reflections and questions, as starting points for further debate. Read and comment on the articles here.

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