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Flawless elections prevent violence

Kenya. Ten years ago, in the aftermath of the presidential election in Kenya immense violence took more than 1,000 lives. The 2013 elections were not violent, but accusations of vote-rigging meant the results were contested. This year’s elections, scheduled...

In this clip guest researcher Cush Ngonzo Luwesi presents NAI research on water issues.

Ethnic alliances shape politics

Kenya elections. As the polls are quite even at the moment, the results of the elections are likely to be very close – if they are free and fair. In that event the results are likely to be contested and post-election violence is not out of the picture, Sirkku Hellsten...

Development plan for Africa is patronizing

International cooperation. Promoting investments and creating jobs are key features in the Marshall Plan with Africa. However, nothing in the document explains exactly how. Moreover, Henning Melber dismisses the plan as condescending to Africa and Africans.

Challenges facing the Gambia

Blog post. Gambians are now free to exercise their political rights without fear of abduction. However, Amat Jeng notes, while the Gambia is democratizing there are security challenges. The legacy of the former President is looming large in the country.

Sacrifice to the Nile River

Uganda. Subsistence farmers on the African countryside depend on the erratic rains for their harvest and well-being. What is the role of traditional religion, rainmaking and sacrifice when the rain fails?

Engaging the private sector in science and innovation

New report. Technological progress and innovations do not occur spontaneously, they result from long-term investment. In Africa, innovations are much needed, but possibilities of achieving them are low, according to NAI guest researcher Samia Nour, co-author of...

Morocco goes West African

Regional cooperation. First regaining membership in the AU and now joining ECOWAS, Morocco shows a clear shift in policy and approach to Africa.

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