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Nollywood reflects Nigerian society

Movies. Predictable storylines and low technical quality characterise many Nollywood movies. At the same time, their themes accurately reflect Nigerian society.

Mapping the West African gold

Mali. Anthropologist Matthieu Bolay has traced the gold from the artisinal miners in West Africa, through every transaction and transformation, all the way to the traders in Switzerland.

A single army for Africa?

AU reform. A militarised African Union could claim a new role for Africa on the world stage, NAI Senior Researcher Mikael Eriksson argues.

Young men want more than just surviving

South Africa. Young men refuse low-paid employment because they have aspirations of something more than daily survival. It hampers their obligations to their children.  

Engaging men in gender equality

Rwanda. In addition of a progressive legislation on gender, a local NGO teaches men how women’s economic empowerment benefit the whole household.

Gender imbalances reinstated with the HIV epidemic

NAD 2016. Many feminists in South Africa viewed HIV and the resources it brought as an opportunity to challenge gender inequalities. It never happened. Instead the very things they had hoped to change were in fact entrenched.

Building popular trust with anthropology

Guinea. During the ebola crisis, people avoided official health campaigns, believing them to be the cause of contamination. By the use of anthropological methods, the authorities could have reached out more efficiently.

African hairstyles back in fashion

NAD 2016. For a long time, African women have been encouraged to look like European women. Now, however, African hairstyles from the 70s Black Power movement are in fashion again.

Challenging the 'Africa rising' narrative

Economic development. In recent years there has been much talk of a burgeoning middle class in many African countries. In a new book, spanning a variety of case studies from across the African continent, a group of researchers offers a critical analysis on this image.

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