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Brain drain of North African scholars

Migration. Lack of available positions and bad working conditions push academics abroad. According to NAI guest researcher Samia Nour, governments in the region do not invest sufficiently in higher education.

Germany treading carefully regarding colonial crimes

Colonialism. Negotiations between Germany and Namibia about atrocities in South West Africa during 1904-1908 is followed closely by European governments. The case could open up a Pandora’s box for other former colonial powers, Henning Melber, author of "Völkermord...

Her mission: to bring African books to a global audience

Publishing in Africa. British publisher Mary Jay has devoted her professional life to promoting the publishing industry in Africa. She is a director of African Books Collective, a non-profit, worldwide marketing and distribution outlet for more than 180 African publishers...

Warlords go into politics

New book. It gets more and more common that former military leaders from civil wars attempt to transform themselves into democrats and run for office. However, it is not always that simple and language of war may stain electoral campaigning.

Germany's past in the present

Colonialism. Germany has admitted responsibility for genocide among Nama and Ovaherero in its colony South West Africa during 1904-1908. But why is there unwillingness to apologize and to pay reparations? An open seminar on Tuesday discusses the unresolved...

Expanding city creates land conflicts

Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is growing fast. As the capital expands, farmers have to leave their land. A seminar initiated by Swedish parliamentarians analyzed current policies and practices on land issues and the Addis Ababa master plan, as well as the recent public...

Controlling the Nile – a struggle with colonial roots

Egypt. Dams and other water projects in Egypt during the 19th century are what interests Jakub Mazanec. He usually studies history at the Charles University in Prague, but has come to the Nordic African Institute to spend time among the NAI library...

A deep quest for gold

Mining. Artisanal goldmining is a dirty and heavy job, and often dangerous too. Yet rewarding for those who find a gold vein down in the pit. NAI researcher Cristiano Lanzano explains small-scale mining in Burkina Faso and Guinea.

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