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A distress call about water access

Water resources. Gaps in sub-Saharan Africa’s water infrastructure could be filled by adopting financial models inspired by the transport sector, says NAI guest researcher Dr Cush Ngonzo Luwesi.

Portuguese migration continues to Angola

Reversed migration. It is not very common for Europeans to move to African countries. However, in the wake of the economic crisis of 2008 many Portuguese have sought a better future in former Portuguese colony Angola.

Vodun provides identity and self-esteem

Benin. For a long time, the vodun religion was banned in Benin and its followers persecuted. Now it is allowed again, but some fear vodun will simply become a tourist attraction. NAI scholarship-holder Liisa Nokso-Koivisto looks at the cultural heritage of...

Trafficking or just child-raising?

Guinea-Bissau. A current controversy involves talibés from Guinea-Bissau begging in Senegalese cities and giving part of their money to Koranic teachers. International organisations have called it trafficking and a clear abuse of child rights conventions.

Diplomats and researchers discussed global goals

Development. The first session of a two-day symposium on the Sustainable Development Goals revolved around the purpose and expectations of the goals. Raymondo Wilson from the Mozambican embassy raised the question of how a country’s economic performance can be...

Schoolteachers under attack

Burkina Faso. Islamist terrorists have been targeting schools and forcing teachers to give lessons on the Koran and teach in Arabic. People are terrified, according to former NAI guest researcher Lassane Yameogo, but at the same time they are determined not to let...

Windows in the Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca. Photo by Christopher Rose, Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0.

Who put the ‘Post’ in the Post-Arab Spring?

North Africa. In a new policy note, researcher Mikael Eriksson recommends a shift in policies towards a fresh narrative for North Africa. "When will we see a regional UN headquarter for migration in Rabat, or an international center of excellence for ocean studies...

Cartoons and comics evoke joy and sadness

Library exhibition. NAI's library has much more to offer than just research and statistics. Right now, an exhibition of comics and cartoons from or about Africa is on display. Many of the volumes are chronicles of actual events and may in fact be of relevance for...

Former NAI guest to lead Codesria

Research community. Godwin Murunga, who was guest researcher at NAI in 2009, has been appointed new executive secretary of the social science research-council Codesria, based in Dakar, Senegal.

Looking into the invisibility of refugees

Migration. NAI researcher Jesper Bjarnesen aims to deepen our understanding of forced migration. For eight years he has studied the experiences of Burkinabe cititizens who were forced to leave Côte d'Ivoire after an armed conflict broke out.

Money first, then ideology

Conflicts. Mexican exchange student Elda Berdeja focuses on terrorist movements in Africa. As well as her ordinary studies at Uppsala University, Berdeja is doing an internship at the Nordic Africa Institute.

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