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The young generation will do a better job

Corruption. Some leaders in Africa do anything to keep the power, according to NAI guest professor Rachid Tlemçani. Despite this, he is optimistic about Africa´s future.

Life in waiting: young people in post-revolution Tunisia

Arab spring. The revolution in 2011 swept away repression, but the young men hanging around the cafés are still waiting for their daily lives to change. NAI guest researcher Karim Zakhour is investigating their strategies for building a future in the remote parts...

Corruption in African elites blocks economic growth

Governance. The colonial past is not the greatest obstacle to development in Africa, according to NAI guest professor Rachid Tlemçani, but rather political corruption in African elites. He is hopeful about young Africans making a stand against authoritarian...

Film industry to change attitudes towards farming

Nigeria. The country does not produce enough food for its population, yet few people want to work in agriculture. NAI guest researcher Idris Badiru investigates how movies and television could change people's perception of farming.

Bloggers and online commenters renew media criticism

Press ethics. Before elections in Kenya in August, male dominance of expert panels on television was challenged with the hashtag #SayNoToManels. NAI guest researcher David Cheruiyot is exploring new ways to discuss and regulate journalism in Kenya and South Africa...

Still long way to go to incorporate gender aspects in development aid

Gender and natural resources. To stop violent conflicts over natural resources, women need to have more influence in the resource management and decision-making. This recipe has proved successful in many parts of the world, but in many African countries, there are still lots of...

“Bubbles of security” when companies do police work

New book. Privatisation of security is becoming more common in Africa and sometimes private security companies also carry out the duties of police. The presence of these companies, however, is explained by foreign interests in mineral extraction. A new book in...

Politicians with weapons in the closet

Africa Now-series. Can we really trust former military leaders who become politicians? It is a common feature of many war-torn African countries and the subject of the book Warlord Democrats.

Great books on Africa

Researcher recommends. “It is a dense and somewhat difficult book to read, but worth the effort. I keep discovering new nuances in it” – Jesper Bjarnesen on ‘On the Postcolony by Achille Mbembe’.

Buying friends and votes

Elections in Liberia. An outgoing president who turned her back on the vice-president’s candidacy and a detained former president who interferes in politics through his ex-wife – these are some of the ingredients in the Liberian elections scheduled for 10 October.

How to work together for peace

Peacebuilding. At a recent policy-dialogue on Africa's regional efforts for peace, held in Rabat, many memorable and thought-provoking ideas came from youth representatives, NAI director Iina Soiri notes.

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