Panel 42

Voice for the voiceless: knowledge, technology and transformation

Panel organisers: Paula Uimonen, Department of Social Anthropology Stockholm University and Vicensia Shule, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


We are living in a time of intensified mobility. Our lives are characterized by multiple movements, migrations from one space to the other, physically or technologically. These movements are mediated through new communication and media technologies, which shape our daily lives as well as our social and political engagements. The sharing and exchange of information and knowledge has become so central to shaping the activities and outlooks of people in all spheres of life that it is hard to think of mobility without mobiles and other forms of communication technology.  The sharing and exchange of knowledge can be in the form of images, words, sounds, artistic expressions and other sociocultural modes. This panel focuses on the circulation and exchange of knowledge in various forms and how it transforms societies. It focuses on how technology has facilitated communication by giving the voiceless voices in ‘marginalized’ areas in Africa. While recognizing the transformative power of new media and communication technologies, it also explores the structural challenges of digitally mediated forms of expression and exchange in a politically volatile world.


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