Panel 33

Mobility, identity and occupational space in the herders and farmers conflicts in Africa

Panel organiser: Oshita O. Oshita, Director General/CEO, IPCR, Ministry of foreign affairs, Abuja, Nigeria.


The notion of Mobilities and African Mobilites in particular, is central to contemporary peace and security concerns and is increasingly central to configurations of future scenarios of the politics of global (dis)order. It is therefore important for researchers and scholars to identify and interrogate the causes, nature, character, direction and implications of mobilities for governance, peace, conflict, security and livelihoods. In what ways, for example, can the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), be impacted by the various dimensions of mobilities experienced in Africa?

As African countries are affected by the herders and farmers conflicts in varying degrees, due partly to the character of internal mobilities, these countries do present case examples for evaluating the empirical evidence around recurring violent conflicts between herders and sedentary crop farmers in communities. This panel seeks to promote an understanding of the bloody in-country competition for (land) resources between the two occupational groups – animal herders and crop farmers. The objective of the panel is to deepen knowledge on the episodic but recurring violent conflicts between herders and sedentary farmers in different countries in the continent. The panel will, among other things, consider how the stage of (under)development and politicians are driving the narratives around this conflict and unsettling the peace, unity and social cohesion of African countries.

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