Panel 35

Africans in diaspora and the Media

Panel organiser: Abiodun Salawu, Indigenous Language Media in Africa research entity, Faculty of Humanities, North-West University, South Africa.


Africans do migrate across their continent and to other continents. Whether the migration is within the continent or outside the continent, African migrants are interested in happenings in their home countries. They are also interested in information within the migrant community in their host nation. To gratify these needs for information, they access media based in their homeland. The advent of the Internet has made this very possible as the African migrants can read newspapers published in their home countries online as well as also accessing broadcast media – radio and television – online. They do also visit blogsites covering events and personalities in their home countries. The diaspora Africans obtain information about their migrant communities through newspapers and magazines published by fellow migrants. Information is also made available through both online and terrestrial radio as well as through blogs. This panel seeks to interrogate how African migrants seek information about events in their home countries and within the migrant communities and how they make use of the information. It is also interested in how the migrants use the media to communicate and engage themselves and people in their homelands. The use of the diasporic media for identity formation as well as alternative channel within the host nation is also of interest.

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