Panel 22

The gendered dynamics of mobility and migration

Panel organiser: Mathabo Khau, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa.


Mobility and cosmopolitanism are at the heart of social processes that shape the outlooks and activities of people in all walks of life. Cosmopolitan politics explore the conditions of a citizenship without borders, balancing universal citizenship against citizenship confined within national states; scrutinizing the relationship between national governments and international governance bodies such as the United Nations or the European Union. It raises debates concerning nationalism, ethnicity, gender inequality, migration, diaspora identities and xenophobia among others. In light of rising concerns over irregular migration from Africa towards the global North, the movement of people has been seen in a politically hostile manner. The unequal distribution of social mobility continues to raise concerns for many African women and children relating to their economic and political prospects. The question that remains therefore is how migrants, in particular those from underprivileged regions, can claim rights in the globalized world.

Against this background, this panel explores the gender dynamics of mobility and migration. It specifically wants to address the following issues:

  • When and how can women become universal citizens?
  • Who benefits from the unequal social mobility within African communities?
  • Who is allowed mobility and whose mobility is restricted?
  • How are women and children affected by forced mobility?
  • What does it mean to be an African man/woman in diaspora?
  • What economic prospects are available for African women in the global North?
  • How have African women and children benefited from Educational mobility within Africa and in the global North?
  • Human trafficking and prostitution
  • Sexual health and reproductive rights in diaspora

Papers are invited to address the gendered nature of mobility and migration in any of the above issues and any other human movements that highlight the inequity in social mobility transnationally and towards the global North.

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