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In general
The Library at the Nordic Africa Institute specialises in contemporary Africa. The holdings cover the entire continent with emphasis on social sciences. Please read more about our holdings.

Bibliographic information
Title, author and publisher are necessary information to us otherwise we will not be able to know what item you want us to purchase. Do you also know date and place of publication, volume (journals only), ISBN/ISSN and if the material is a report in a series; we appreciate it.

Your name, email address and phone number
Apart from your email, this information is voluntary. But, sometimes the information about the book / journal needs to be complemented and then we need to get in touch with you, therefore it is necessary for you to leave your email address and phone number. The information must be typed in correctly. If any of these are missing or are typed in incorrectly we will be having difficulties reaching you.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to notify you when the book has arrived. We therefore recommend that you always search our catalogue, AfricaLit, for the material you suggested.

Please let us know what category of user you belong to. We find it interesting to know who is using our library. The information is voluntary!

Additional information
Here you can add complementary information; or paste reference (if applicable); or leave any other message. Tell us why this material should be acquired. Do you take a special class? Are you a researcher? Or do you simply find it interesting to read about Africa? Did you search the material in other places? Do you live in Uppsala?

If you have further questions, please contact the library:

Do you need help finding material, use our service: Ask the Librarian.

Borrow the book
If you want us to notify you when the book has arrived and has been added to the collection, please mark this box. Therefore it is important that your name, email address and phone number has been typed in correctly.


  • It is only possible for registered patrons to use this service.
  • Material that is not for loan (journals, some series, government publications and reference material) can normally not be borrowed and cannot be requested through this feature.

Latest date
Sometimes it takes a very long time to acquire new material. Please, let us know by the latest date you need the item.

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