Library visitor's program

The Nordic Africa institute library is open to the public. Its large collection of almost 80 000 titles specializes in contemporary Africa within the social sciences and covers the entire continent.

The insitute regularly receives students and researchers who wish to use the library resources extensively but who are not part of the institute´s scholarships program. For these visitors with the institute offers a Library visitors’ program up to a month.

You only have to finance your travels, stay and sustenance in Uppsala. The program is running throughout the year, some restrictions might apply during holidays.

Library computers are equipped with office programs. No administrative services are included in the program.

For participants in the Library visitors’ program following facilities are offered:

• Introduction to the library collection
• Seating in reading room area
• Access to Wi-Fi
• Access to internet computers and to the library’s printed and electronic resources
• Printing, scanning and copying facilities. Price list. Instructions (pdf)
• Possibility to apply for a visitor’s pass to use the library during office hours, outside the regular opening hours.

If you are interested to take part in the program please send the following information to

  • Name
  • Category: researcher, undergraduate student, post-graduate student or other
  • Affiliation (department/inst. and university) if researcher or student
  • Area of interest
  • Planned dates for your visit
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