About NAI Forum

Nordic Africa Development Policy Forum − NAI Forum for short − is a common Nordic platform for policy debate between researchers and policy-makers as well as development practitioners, civil society, and the interested public at large. Our aim is to promote a well-informed, evidence-based debate in the Nordic region and thus add value over and above that of the development policy debates within each of the Nordic countries.


This is the stated objective of the NAI Forum:

"Bringing research knowledge to bear for an enhanced and well-informed public debate across the Nordic countries about government and NGO policies and programmes affecting African development."


Authors will be invited to write lead articles (max 1500 words) on each new topic, with a view to provoke and stimulate debate. Interaction is expected, either in the longer form of commentary articles (max 1000 words) or short blog-type comments (max 300 words), which the authors post live on the Forum site.


Lead authors will be invited primarily from the Nordic countries and Africa. The choice of lead authors should be balanced with respect to research/policy/civil society background as well as nationality, gender, academic and institutional affiliation.  


Swedish legislation and official regulations apply to this Forum. In particular, the Act on Responsibility for Electronic Bulletin Boards (SFS 1998:112) puts the legal responsibility for the contents of blog comments on the author. However, the law makes it mandatory for the Forum editor to remove messages that are illegal under Swedish legislation, e.g. about agitation against a national or ethnic group, or with respect to copyrights.

Beyond the legal requirements, NAI will as a matter of editorial policy reserve the right to remove any contribution that is deemed by the editor as irrelevant, inadequate or otherwise unsuitable for the purposes of the Forum.


A Creative Commons (“CC”) license (Attribution-Noncommercial- Share Alike 3.0 Unported) will be applied to articles and comments published on the Forum. The CC license asserts NAI’s copyright and indicates those uses for which no permission needs to be secured, provided that the license conditions are followed.

User registration

Registration is not required to read or to contribute articles and comments. However, contributors are encouraged to provide their name and e-mail address to the editor for any communications regarding the contribution. Such personal information is exclusively for the editor and will not be published. A short presentation of and by each author would also be welcome for publication with the contribution, e. g. title and institutional affiliation.

Advisory Group

NAI has formed a Forum Advisory Group with one member from each Nordic country. The members have thorough experience and knowledge of development policy and research issues and of the debates on these issues in their countries and beyond. Read more about the Advisory Group (pdf).

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