List of Panels

Papers to be presented at the conference are listed on the pages of panels.

Panel title/Link to panel page Panel organiser(s)
1. East African Print Cultures and Histories of Governance Duncan Omanga and Sirma Buigutt
2. Dammed or Damned? Development, Dilemmas and Disputes Terje Oestigaard

3. Unevenness and Exclusion Examining the Dynamics of Scales and Scope of Governance

Anders Sjögren

4. Placing Culture at the Heart of the Contemporary African Development Debate

Jama Musse Jama
5. African Insurgencies: The Evolving Landscape Morten Bøås and Kevin Dunn

6. The Horn of Africa in Quest for Harmonious Coexistence of State and Society

Redie Bereketeab

7. Why Wikipedia and Open Access? The Valorization of African Studies in the 21th Century

Jos Damen and Ursula Oberst
8. Big Man Politics and Electoral Violence in (West) Africa Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs
9.Governing African Cities: Hybrid Arrangements and Data for Development

Rivke Jaffe

10. Governing Conflict and Peace: The Roles of International, National, Regional and Local Actors Kristine Höglund
11. African Community Citizenship and Regional Integration. How to Resolve the Question of Governance in the African Union Charly Delmas Nguefack Tsafack
12. Borderless ECOWAS: Exploring the Process of Socio-economic Integration in West Africa - CANCELLED Adebusuyi Isaac Adeniran
13. Power, Knowledge and Field Research: The “Hidden Transcripts” of Methodology Mats Utas, Maria Eriksson Baaz and Judith Verweijen
14. What Happens to Local Governance in Africa and How Can It Be Strengthened? Göran Hydén
15. Rethinking ‘ Land Grab ’ in Africa Eric Elong Ebolo and Andebrhan Welde Giorgis
16. Compromising Democratic Governance in Africa, through Vote Rigging, Bribery, Vote Buying, Ignorance, Weak Civil Society and Disorganised Opposition Political Parties – Uganda as a Case Study Massy-Moses Kasule
17. Faith Based Development in Africa – Nordic Perspectives Päivi Hasu
18. Children’s Rights and Experiences of Governance in Africa Tatek Abebe and Jonina Einarsdóttir
19. Engaging the African Diaspora: How the Diaspora can Help to Improve Good Governance in Africa Linley Chiwona-Karltun and Beth Maina Ahlberg
20. Aid Policy and Practice: Past and Current Experiences Gudrun Helga Johannsdottir and Sigridur Baldursdottir
21. South Africa(s) After 20 Years of Democracy: The Old, The New and The Other(s) Henning Melber, Marianne Millstein, Annika Teppo
22. Youth and Political Engagements in Contemporary Africa Elina Oinas and Henri Onodera
23. Pan-African Perspectives – Governance and Gender: Politics, Power and Patriarchy Gertrude Fester
24. Rebuilding Rwanda and the Quest for Progress and Good Citizens Simon Turner
25. Emerging African Middle Classes Iina Soiri
26. Migrant Genealogies: Narratives, History and Relatedness Lisa Åkesson and Jesper Bjarnesen
27. Beyond the Provision of Water Infrastructures: Water Institutions in Irrigation Schemes Atakilte Beyene
28. Citizenship and Civil Society:   Accountability, Legitimacy and Governance Tiina Kontinen
29. CRG/AEGIS Roundtable: African Conflict Analysis Between Politics and Policy Karen Buscher
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