29. CRG/AEGIS Roundtable: African Conflict Analysis Between Politics and Policy

E-mail of organiser: Karen.Buscher@UGent.be

The theme of this roundtable will be how to engage with ‘policy’, broadly speaking. Conflict analysts – and Africanists are no exception ‐ typically are called upon to ‘do something’ about the consequences of armed violence, whether in the form of external advice, theoretical guidance, close collaboration or, increasingly also, funded partnership with leading policy organizations. Other analysts adopt a political role through different channels, like for example action research and political activism. This roundtable provides the space to reflect on our roles a bit more thoroughly, starting from the following questions: In what ways do we engage with politics/policy, if we do, and what methods do we use to navigate the inherently political dimension of our work? What is, from a practical viewpoint, the difference between policy and politics? And what level of policy embeddedness is morally and materially acceptable or desirable given our close engagement with the field?

The aim of this roundtable is to use these guiding questions to reflect and discuss, and also learn from each others’ experiences, in sum: to generate Africanist conflict researchers who have something to say about the policy in/of conflict research in general.

List of participants:
Morten Bøås (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs)
Maria Eriksson Baaz (Nordic Africa Institute)
Karen Büscher (Conflict Research Group)
Mats Utas (Nordic Africa Institute)
Judith Verweijen (Nordic Africa Insitute)

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