Europe and the Challenge of African Integration

Filmed 16 December 2009. (55 min.)

Almost a generation down the road, since Claude Ake first wrote about African integration, Africa is as disunited as ever. How does one explain this? Does the relationship between Europe and Africa have anything to do with it? The historically embedded structured relationship between Europe and Africa remains power based, asymmetrical and understood in colonial constructs. The Euro-African trade negotiations including EPAs are a good example. Tandon seeks to explore Europe`s two-and-half political traditions – the realist, the normative, and the now half dead/half alive Marxist revolutionary tradition – to argue that Europe, including the Nordic countries, have become, on balance, a negative force for Africa`s integration. The main responsibility for Africa`s failure to integrate lies, however, with African political and intellectual leadership.

Professor Yash Tandon is from Uganda. He was the Executive Director of the South Centre until February 2009, and is presently Senior Advisor to the Centre.

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