Moving Out of Poverty — Success from the bottom up

Filmed 27 May 2009 (40 min.).

Deepa Narayan and Nora Dudwick from the World Bank present a new study with perspectives of poor people who have made it out of poverty. Based on multidisciplinary perspectives and methods, including discussions with over 60,000 people across 17 different study regions, it provides a bottom up viewpoint on the processes and local institutions that play key roles in leading to poverty escapes. The study finds that there are no differences between the initiatives taken by the poor, the rich, and the movers. What then explains the difference in outcomes? The study explores the role of local level democracy, economic opportunities, empowerment, aspirations and people’s organizations, and how these help or hinder people in their quest to move out of poverty. The seminar will focus on a discussion on how poverty movements are shaped by situations of conflict.
Deepa Narayan
is project director of the 15-country World Bank study titled Moving Out of Poverty: Understanding Freedom, Democracy, and Growth from the Bottom Up.
Nora Dudwick is Senior Social Scientist in the World Bank’s Poverty Reduction Group where she manages the Moving Out of Poverty project.

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