The Regionalisation of the Lord’s Resistance Army

Filmed 5 May 2010. (52 min.)

For two decades, the long running war in northern Uganda between rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan army resulted in widespread death, the displacement of nearly two million people, and immense suff ering among the people of northern Uganda, particularly the Acholi. Decades of atrocities committed by the LRA as well as violent reprisals by government forces led to a disruption of socio-economic life, hunger, abuse, and abject poverty. Peace talks that began in Juba in South Sudan in 2006 brought a fragile peace to northern Uganda, as the LRA withdrew to South Sudan and northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2008 the talks collapsed, and with renewed fi ghting the Uganda confl ict was essentially exported to neighboring countries, where it created destruction and destabilization with no clear end in sight. Th e challenge of ending this confl ict remains a serious problem for Uganda, the region and the international community.
Associate Professor Ronald Atkinson is a historian and Director of African Studies at the University of South Carolina. The discussant, Associate Professor Sverker Finnström is an anthropologist in The Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University.

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