Events filmed 2010

Every filmed event has a separate audio file for download.

Lecture by Professor Yacob Arsano. Beyond Drops Water: Four Imperatives to Cooperation in the Nile Basin. 'Claude Ake Memorial Lecture 2010'. Filmed 15 December 2010 (48 min.)

'Writers' Africa' with Brian James. Filmed 16 November 2010 (63 min.)

Africa Day for Librarians - 9 November 2010.
The state of open access publishing and open access repositories in Africa. Iryna Kuchma, Open Access Programme manager, EIFL. (49 min.).

Information flows to and from sub-Saharan Africa: a social justice perspective. Dr Peter J Lor, Visiting professor at School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA. (64 min.).

'Writers' Africa' with Petina Gappah. Filmed 12 October 2010 (62 min.)

Lectures in the 'African Security' Series (NAI - FOI agreement on research cooperation and capacity building in African studies). Filmed 31 May, 2010.

Film 1: Nigeria: Dilemmas and Dimensions of Violence and Conflict. Professor Darren Kew, McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA (61 min.)

Film 2: Niger Delta Crisis and Security in the Gulf of Guinea. Professor Charles Ukeje, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. (43 min.)

Lecture by Ronald Atkinson, The Regionalisation of the Lord’s Resistance Army. Filmed 5 May 2010 (52 min.).

Lecture by Professor Frances Stewart, Inequalities between social groups leading to conflicts. Filmed 11 March 2010 (46 min.).

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