Social media

The Nordic Africa Institute's presence in social media aims at presenting and discussing the institute's activities. We also strive to reflect the ongoing work of similar institutions and organisations based in the Nordic countries but also worldwide. We offer links to a selection of the publications and activities dealing with research on modern Africa and the current issues African countries face.

Our aim is to highlight research on Africa, but also to serve as a guide to the wide range of articles, commentaries and activities related to the topic. We want to create openness and accessibility within the areas that the Nordic Africa Institute operates.

On Facebook we share our most important news and guides on Africa-related material. We also listen to opinions about the Nordic Africa Institute. At our Twitter account we regularly report from events, post news from our partners etc. We are also present at LinkedIn, on YouTube and Instagram.

The blog Nordic Shades of Africa was started in May 2016. The focuse is on Africa-related issues in general and NAI’s research and researchers in particular. We are aming to attract the the research community, the public and those interested in Africa-issues.

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