Pictures from the Network of African Studies in Europe meeting

The network meeting took place in Bordeaux, France, in early September 2008. Photos by Susanne Linderos, NAI.
Andreas Mehler of the GIGA Institute of African Affairs, Hamburg and Patrick Chabal of Kings College, University of London and retiring President of AEGIS.
Paul Nugent of Edinburgh University and new President of AEGIS, with Angelica Baschiera of the University of London.
Ulf Engel of the University of Leipzig, Thomas Bierschenk of the University of Mainz and Carin Norberg of the Nordic Africa Institute.
Bjørn Erring of the Norwegien University of Science and Technology and Antonio Pezzano of the University of Bologna.
Dieter Neubert and Christine Scherer both of University of Bayreuth.
René Otayek, Université Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV.
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