The Nordic Africa Institute cooperates formally with several organisations, and the Institute is also a member of several networks at an institutional level. Some of the organizations that NAI is cooperating with are listed below.


NAI is a member of AEGIS. AEGIS - African Studies in Europe is a research network of European studies centres which aims to create synergies between experts and institutions. With primary emphasis on Social Sciences and Humanities, AEGIS' main goal is to improve understanding about contemporary African societies. More information on AEGIS at


NAI has had a co-operation with IDEP since 2011. IDEP – the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning is a pan-African institution created in 1962 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Its mission is to assist policymakers and other stakeholders in enhancing their skills in the areas of policymaking, long-term perspective planning and institutional and regulatory reforms. IDEP undertakes a wide range of activities related to economic development and planning in Africa, aimed at promoting and defending the economic independence of African countries and peoples. The headquarters is in Dakar, Senegal.
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NAI and CODESRIA has had a long and extensive cooperation within research ever since CODESRIA was founded in 1973.  CODESRIA, the Council for the Development of social Sciences Research in Africa, was founded with the combined aims of producing new social knowledge, bringing social knowledge to public issues, participating in the construction of African independence and development, combating “poverty, ignorance and disease” and contributing African perspectives to the understanding of global issues. The headquarter is in Dakar, Sénegal.


NAI became member of SANORD in 2010. The Southern African-Nordic Center is a partnership of higher education institutions from all the Nordic countries and southern Africa. Its primary aim is to promote multilateral research cooperation on matters of importance to the development of both regions.
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The Nordic Africa Institute library is part of NorDoc, which is a Nordic working group on third world information and documentation. The members come from libraries in different organisations working with development matters.


NAI is an institutional member of EADI. European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) is a professional network for development and regional studies in Europe. EADI's members include a wide range of development research and training organisations, think tanks, national bodies and researchers throughout Europe.
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NAI is member of EARN, Europe-Africa Policy Research Network, a network of African and European Policy Research Institutes, aiming to contribute to the EU-Africa Policy Dialogue. EARN intends to bring added value on pooling and fostering policy research capacities, dialogue, information and partnership between European and African non-governmental research institutions on issues relating to EU-Africa relations. More information on EARN at


The overall objective of the co-operation is to mobilise NAI's competences and capacities, and strategically use them to support the regional integration and the economic, political and social development agenda of the EAC (East African Community). The co-operation with EAC was initiated in 2012. Link to the EAC website (opens in new window).


In 2013 NAI initiated a collaboration with the Institute for Language and Folklore (ISOF) in Uppsala as part of NAI's cooperation with other Swedish public authorities for administrative services.

Uppsala University

Uppsala University is NAI's major collaboration partner within the framework of cooperation between Swedish public authorites on administrative services. The NAI library also has a long standing cooperation with Uppsala University Library.
This visiting chair at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, is a collaboration between the department and the Nordic Africa Institute. It is funded by the Swedish Government and Uppsala University to honour the memory of Professor Claude Ake, prominent African scholar, philosopher and humanist. Read more about the Claude Ake Visiting Chair here.

Claude Ake Visiting Chair
Dalarna University Centre for African Studies
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